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Juggling Music Monday: Kids by Sleigh Bells

I heard this song in a fan-made promo video for Invicta FC2, and it got me pretty pumped for the event (which was last Saturday), so it made its way into my juggling playlist.  It’s got a pretty slick beat and some quick vocals that are fun, but my biggest complaint about it is it’s pretty short.

Juggling Music Monday: Cosmic Love by Florence + The Machine

I’ve been listening to this one for a long time, it’s pretty epic.  It’s a bit slower though, so you kind of have to double up on it or do patterns that you can really control the speed on. Some other Florence + The Machine songs I listen to for juggling are Spectrum, Drumming Song, and Rabbit Heart.

Juggling Music Monday: 11h30 by Danger

This is a new feature I’m going to do weekly, to share what juggling music I’ve been listening to recently.  The song this week is 11h30 by Danger, it has a pretty neat beat and goes through a few phases, which I like to play with. Not a bad song to run to either.

Quick Juggling Video

Made this quick juggling video to test out a new setup for recording.  The audio was just set in via youtube, but it seemed to match the routine pretty well.  I’ll get a new video up that has real music soon though.

Juggling Music, or Music to Juggle to

I’d say that the number one criteria for any music I listen to is that I have to be able to juggle to it.  Juggling to music is fun, it feels more dramatic and matching the music is neat to watch.  You juggle in different ways to different types of music: what tricks do you use to match the feeling of slower classical music?  What patterns let you keep tempo with electronica/dance music?

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How to Pick Good Places to Practice Juggling

One of the reasons juggling is such a great hobby is that you can really do it anywhere.  I’ve juggled in public spaces, gymnasiums, boardwalks, beaches, and airport terminals; usually there’s nothing stopping you from doing it.  But just because you can do it anywhere, doesn’t mean that all spots are created equal; here are the things I consider when choosing a juggling spot.

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The New

The NEW and IMPROVED that is.  This will be the 5th revision of some kind of website.  The original (which I can’t seem to find an image of) was a pretty spartan white/red design, that I really only hosted funny pictures on.

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Live Juggling Practice

I’ve been broadcasting some of my juggling practice sessions live via Ustream lately.  I thought I may as well post the recorded videos here after I’m done.  I post the link to the live broadcast to twitter when I start, in case you want to see the real thing sometime.  There’s a few more videos of my practices up on that Ustream page as well.

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Why I Hate 5 Ball Juggling (And Why I Still Do It)

I’ve never been very interested in numbers juggling.  I respect the skill and practice required to juggle 5 or more balls, but it’s never been for me.  There’s an element to juggling beyond how many objects are aloft; something more artistic and difficult to quantify.  Much like a figure skater who is scored on both their technical skill and artistic display, juggling has a artistic element alongside the technical.

I love 3 ball juggling because of the immense library of complex patterns, the transitions between those patterns, and the spare time available for contact stalls/music beat matching; things which numbers juggling lacks.  These are the allowances for interpretation in juggling, the artistic element.  So to me, when I do numbers juggling, it feels rote.  Half the fun is gone.

So do I even bother with it?  Yes, I do.  I think of 5 ball juggling as more of a juggling exercise than a pastime in its own right; it’s great for improving your hand speed and consistency.  Also, it makes me appreciate 3 ball juggling again.  When I practice juggling, I’m always cycling between 3 and 5 ball, and my best 3 ball juggling always happens right after I’ve finished with 5.  The change makes you feel free, and more able to appreciate the beauty in what you’re doing.