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Slow Motion Juggling

I got a new camera that can do some slow motion video recording, and it looks pretty neat while juggling. This is just some test footage I took, but there was enough splice together to music so I thought I’d put it up.

Illuminated Juggling Preview

A little preview of the next video I’m going to make.  We’re back to dark juggling, which is always tricky, and this take ended up bit blurry.  But it was a pretty good sequence so I threw some music over it.  I’ll try for a better recording and get a full video out.

In a related note, in this video I am using the same type illuminated juggling prop that my potential ancestor, Mr. Morris Cronin, the Debonair, invented in 1897.

New Juggling Shell Game!

I’ve always loved the idea of the juggling shell game, and I’ve made a video trying it before, but the problem has always been how do I keep the audience from knowing which ball is which while I’m juggling, while I can still tell? I tried marking the balls before, but even then you have to make the mark very small, and it’s hard to find. As I was going through some of my juggling props, I found my Dube silicone balls and thought “wow the orange ones look just like the pink ones”, and it hit me! Go black and white! So here it is, I show you which ball is which in color, and then you have to follow it in black and white, brilliant! This is an extended version with a little footage I took with a second camera tacked on at the end, enjoy!

Music: Hey You by Pony Pony Run Run

Quick Juggling Video

Made this quick juggling video to test out a new setup for recording.  The audio was just set in via youtube, but it seemed to match the routine pretty well.  I’ll get a new video up that has real music soon though.

Night Falls

Me juggling with my new silicone juggling balls.  It’s probalby the longest video I’ve done, and for that reason it’s not very heavily edited (it would have taken a long time to really sync it up).  There are some patterns I’ve never really recorded before in here, including burke’s barrage, mills mess, weave, and boston mess variations.  There are a few pretty fancy double throws in there as well.

Bhangra Freestyle Juggling

This is an older video of me, doing a REMAKE of an EVEN OLDER video of me juggling!  The techniques are a little old, but things like the elbow bounce are pretty neat.  The song is probably my favorite part about this video.  This was the song I made my first juggling video to, so if that song weren’t around, I probably would never have taped myself.

Dark Juggling

An uncut juggling routine, performed in the dark with 3 nighthack illuminated juggling balls.  A pretty old video, but I remember it very well because it took a long time to complete.