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Illuminated Juggling Preview

A little preview of the next video I’m going to make.  We’re back to dark juggling, which is always tricky, and this take ended up bit blurry.  But it was a pretty good sequence so I threw some music over it.  I’ll try for a better recording and get a full video out.

In a related note, in this video I am using the same type illuminated juggling prop that my potential ancestor, Mr. Morris Cronin, the Debonair, invented in 1897.

Juggling Music Monday: Tetrishead by Zoe Keating

I have two main Spotify playlists; one for juggling practice, and one for reading/working.  Juggling music is exciting or has a fun beat, work music has no lyrics.  Zoe Keating is the only artist that dominates both lists.

Ps. I also got to meet Zoe this year after a show, she was awesome:


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Did my ancestor invent illuminated juggling?

I was recently browsing around the rec.juggling user group, and searching for my name to see if it popped up anywhere.  Jugglingjon did for sure, but I also tried searching for my last name, Cronin.  To my surprise, a single result appeared, a thread debating where illuminated juggling originated.  The final message in the thread referenced a patent for illuminated juggling equipment filed in 1897 with the US patent office, by a man named Morris Cronin: Read On »