Juggling Music, or Music to Juggle to

I’d say that the number one criteria for any music I listen to is that I have to be able to juggle to it.  Juggling to music is fun, it feels more dramatic and matching the music is neat to watch.  You juggle in different ways to different types of music: what tricks do you use to match the feeling of slower classical music?  What patterns let you keep tempo with electronica/dance music?

So what makes a good juggling song?  I don’t think there’s a single thing.  I tend to stay away from music that is heavy on lyrics.  It’s hard to really get into a mindset of your own when you’re essentially being talked to by a song.  Music that has different sections with different feelings is nice as well, because it gives you key points of the music to match.  For example, the song may build for a while then burst into an epic chorus.  You can follow the music as it builds up and unleash a really flashy trick simultaneous with the chorus.  Also, everyone has their own musical taste to deal with.  I tend to like electronic/pop/classical music for my juggling, which may not be everyones thing.  Sometimes movie/videogame soundtracks get in there too.  So here are some of strange and exciting songs I juggle to regularly:

Booka Shade – Night Falls

she – Atomic

Lady Gaga – Starstruck

she – Coloris

Zoe Keating – Tetrishead

Ludovico Einaudi – Primavera

Lisa Miskovsky – Still Alive

Capsule – Jumper

Madonna – Die Another Day

James Newton Howard – The Gravel Road