Lesson: Backcrosses

Backcrosses are much easier than they appear, and they are good way to practice for other tricks that require more time than the average throw to perform.  Once you get better with backcrosses, they actually become recovery moves.  Sometimes, when I start to lose control of a more difficult pattern, I will throw a ball extra high so i have time to recover, and in the meantime I’ll throw a backcross in just to make it look like a trick.

Simply put, a backcross it just a throw behind your back, to your opposite hand.   In preparation for this trick, it’s probably a good idea to practice the behind-the-back throw a bit.  You need to be able to do it quickly, without losing control, and get your hand back to its normal position as soon as possible.

You will start in a cascade, and the throw before your backcross, you will make extra high.  For example, if you wanted to do a backcross with your right hand, then you would throw the ball preceeding it (from your left hand) higher than normal.  This will give you more time to execute the backcross throw, which is especially important when you are learning.  Other after the backcross throw, your right hand will return and catch the extra high throw, and your left hand will catch the backcross throw.  At this point, you should be left juggling normally.