All of My Juggling Equipment

I recently got some MMX+ juggling balls (which are the nicest I’ve ever used), and while I was figuring out where to store them, I got all of my juggling props out for a picture:

There are:
9x pins (Todd Smith, Beard)
25x beanbags (Dube, Todd Smith, Misc)
6x  Silicone Balls (Propworks)
5x MMX Plus Balls (Play)
3x Illuminated Beanbags (Nighthack)
3x Illuminated Balls (Funtrix)
3x Glow in the Dark Balls (Todd Smith)
3x 2.5lb Weighted Exerballs (Dube)
3x Rings (Todd Smith)
1x Acrylic Contact Juggling Ball (Dube)
15x Mini Juggling Balls
1x Lonely Juggling Torch (Dube)

My personal favorites are the MMX Plus balls, the European style Todd Smith pins, the Nighthack juggling balls, and the Black/yellow Dube beanbags.  More pictures below.