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World Juggling Day

Made a quick little video in honor of world juggling day! The music is terrible but I was stuck with what iMovie offered.

Slow Motion Juggling

I got a new camera that can do some slow motion video recording, and it looks pretty neat while juggling. This is just some test footage I took, but there was enough splice together to music so I thought I’d put it up.


Update: What Morris Cronin Looked Like

I wrote a few months back about a vaudeville juggler from the early 1900s that shares my last name, who also patented illuminated juggling equipment in the United States.  I was never able to find a picture of the guy, but as of today I got my hands on a drawing of him that accompanied a review of his performance at London’s Alhambra Theatre 1894:

Mr. Morris Cronin, a juggler, with a fancy for trifling with Indian Clubs.  Mr. Cronin’s play is singularly easy and complete, and he doesn’t seem to be able to let the clubs drop out of his fingers, try as he may.  It was quite amusing to see the clubs, when they thought he wasn’t looking, try to sneak over the back of his hand and get down on the floor, but they never got closer than a couple of inches off the stage when they are hauled hopelessly back.  There was something almost uncanny in the finesse of his performer, and I shouldn’t have thought so much fun could be got out of such simple weapons.

It’s not a super detailed drawing, but it looks like he was a pretty tall guy, with dark hair.   He looks a lot like my grandfather, with his prominent nose.

Until I find more, play the juggling shell game!


Illuminated Juggling Preview

A little preview of the next video I’m going to make.  We’re back to dark juggling, which is always tricky, and this take ended up bit blurry.  But it was a pretty good sequence so I threw some music over it.  I’ll try for a better recording and get a full video out.

In a related note, in this video I am using the same type illuminated juggling prop that my potential ancestor, Mr. Morris Cronin, the Debonair, invented in 1897.

Juggling Music Monday: Tetrishead by Zoe Keating

I have two main Spotify playlists; one for juggling practice, and one for reading/working.  Juggling music is exciting or has a fun beat, work music has no lyrics.  Zoe Keating is the only artist that dominates both lists.

Ps. I also got to meet Zoe this year after a show, she was awesome:


morris cronin clubs

Did my ancestor invent illuminated juggling?

I was recently browsing around the rec.juggling user group, and searching for my name to see if it popped up anywhere.  Jugglingjon did for sure, but I also tried searching for my last name, Cronin.  To my surprise, a single result appeared, a thread debating where illuminated juggling originated.  The final message in the thread referenced a patent for illuminated juggling equipment filed in 1897 with the US patent office, by a man named Morris Cronin: Read On »

New Juggling Shell Game!

I’ve always loved the idea of the juggling shell game, and I’ve made a video trying it before, but the problem has always been how do I keep the audience from knowing which ball is which while I’m juggling, while I can still tell? I tried marking the balls before, but even then you have to make the mark very small, and it’s hard to find. As I was going through some of my juggling props, I found my Dube silicone balls and thought “wow the orange ones look just like the pink ones”, and it hit me! Go black and white! So here it is, I show you which ball is which in color, and then you have to follow it in black and white, brilliant! This is an extended version with a little footage I took with a second camera tacked on at the end, enjoy!

Music: Hey You by Pony Pony Run Run

Juggling Music Monday: Je Veux Te Voir by Yelle

I’ve been listening to this song while I’ve been trying out this new pattern, and it’s super catchy.  It’s French, so I’m clueless as to what it’s about, but it’s got a great beat and one really cool section towards the end with a loud crash that comes at regular intervals.


Why Can’t I Juggle In My Dreams?

Can you juggle in your dreams?  I can’t.  Whenever I’m juggling in my dreams I’m uncoordinated and slow.  I wonder why that is?  When you’re dreaming, you can do most anything else, I don’t see why juggling is different.  In fact, juggling is so dependent on muscle memory I’d think it would come naturally.  Maybe it has something to do with juggling relying on a real environment (with gravity) to make it possible, and your mind can’t recreate that perfectly.  I was thinking about this the other week when I was watching Inception.  If you could juggle in real life, you wouldn’t even need that personal object to test if you were in the real world.  You could just try and juggle, and if you were awful, then you’re dreaming.  Or you’re just an awful juggler.